Press Release

The raw authenticity of cityscapes and landscapes dominate the work of Chris Kappmeier.  His paintings burst with tiny expressionistic specs and dashes of paint that build to gloriously capture city vistas and landscapes in all their splendor.  The paintings call to mind the work of post-impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet, who were themselves obsessed with visions of vibrant colors, attempting to display the disarray of city life with semi-abstraction all over a canvas’ pictorial surface.  Having studied figure drawing with Peter Schneck, and apprenticed in Syracusa, Italy, Kappmeier intones, “Art is the most important thing in my life.  I love the feel of the brush to canvas, pencil to paper, the smell of the paints and linseed oil…All of my landscapes are done in ‘open air.’  I don’t think you can paint a cold winter scene or hot summer day without being in it.  I like the smell of the snow, grass or rain and I paint it.  My art is about the feeling of the moment and not done from pictures, in this way I am part of all my paintings.”  His paintings mirror the disorder of city living and the serenity of landscapes, which he intones with spiritual elegance.

A new addition to the Kappmeier portfolio is still life paintings (which don’t seem to stand still!) of fresh cut flowers.  He started painting flowers in vases after a recent commission, when there was no feeling of the moment to inspire him and he had to improvise.  Meanwhile, Kappmeier had discovered a new form to render in his lively and varied artistic style.